Welcome to my Webstore

I am delighted to have you aboard our Bloomz Website. Hope you enjoy my collection of books and other products on display.

My name is Madhu & I am a mompreneur handling on an IT Company, looking after my family and enjoying running this Web-Store for Kids.

Being a book lover, I wanted to encourage early reading in kids, and seeing the prices of many books online, Bloomz came to life since I wanted books to be a part of every child's reading journey at nominal prices!

Apart from books, the fun side of me brings on board a lot of toys, quirky & cool stuff to entertain kids, when at home!

May your shopping carts be so full of books and other merchandise ;) Just kidding ;)

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  • When it comes to Bloomz, I single-handedly manage almost everything with no hired help. I try to organize everything to keep things smooth & transparent for the end user, my customers. This has been possible only because of the love and support I get from my family, friends and loyal customers like you.

  • If at all anything goes amiss or isn't up to your expectations, do get in touch with me; I will strive to make this shopping experience better for you! Remember, your co-operation and smile will make my day, and I will do all I can to keep it consistent!

  • Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome :)